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With chances for snow early this week, conditions quickly change ROCKFORD (WREX) — The week starts out cold with chances for snow as temperatures jump into the 50's starting tomorrow.  Light snow showers likely into Monday with minor accumulations. After a wintry feel to our weekend, some of those same conditions carry over into the start of the week. Monday brings chances for light snow into the morning and afternoon. Monday begins quiet with mostly cloudy skies as chances for lighter snow move into our morning and afternoon. Temperatures later today will only warm into the middle to upper 30's across the area for another cold day.  The snow showers that are expected will be light in nature, may see minor accumulations around 1/2 inch on grassy surfaces like your lawns, fields click to read or elevated surfaces. The activity is looking to be scattered and may continue through the morning into the early afternoon.  There will likely not be any major impacts with these showers, but we may see some slush accumulate in isolated spots on the roads. If you're heading out today, take caution for wet roads are likely.  As we head into the evening and overnight hours, conditions are trending to be mostly dry and quiet with temperatures dropping back into the lower 30's.  Starting as early as tomorrow, temperatures bounce back to above average territory. A change in conditions leads this week to be on a rollercoaster trend with temperatures bouncing back as soon as tomorrow.  With conditions to change, we're in for rollercoaster like pattern through the week. With conditions today still feeling like winter, starting tomorrow temperatures return into the 50's with mostly cloudy skies.

Unemployment has fallen so far this year at the fastest rate since the 1950s. It’s a jobs recovery that has happened years faster than after the Great Recession of 2008. America is getting back to work. And, on inflation, today’s report shows an increase over last month. Inflation hurts Americans pocketbooks, and reversing this trend is a top priority for me. The largest share of the increase in prices in this report is due to rising energy costs—and in the few days since the data for this report were collected, the price of natural gas has fallen. I have directed my National Economic Council to pursue means to try to further reduce these costs, and have asked the Federal Trade Commission to strike back at any market manipulation or price gouging in this sector. Other price increases reflect the ongoing struggle to restore smooth operations in the economy in the restart: I am travelling to Baltimore today to highlight how my Infrastructure Bill will bring down these costs, reduce these bottlenecks, and make goods more available and less costly. And I want to reemphasize my commitment to the independence of the Federal Reserve to monitor inflation, and take steps necessary to combat it. Going forward, it is important that Congress pass my Build Back Better plan, which is fully paid for and does not add to the debt, and will get more Americans working by reducing the cost of child care and elder care, and help directly lower costs for American families by providing more affordable health coverage and prescription drugs—alongside cutting taxes for 50 million Americans including for most families with children. 17 Nobel Prize winners in economics have said that my plan will “ease inflationary pressures.” And my plan does this without raising taxes on those making less than $400,000 or adding to the federal debt, by requiring the wealthiest and big corporations to start to pay their fair share in taxes.
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